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16 January 2024

Noesis Hosts 5th Customer Experience Brunch!

On May 21st, the Casa de Desenho hosted the 5th edition of the Customer Experience Brunch, an event organized by Noesis that brought together experts and clients to discuss the application of artificial intelligence in customer experience.

The Customer Experience Brunch 2024 provided in-depth discussions, inspiring insights, and the exploration of innovative solutions to enhance customer experience through artificial intelligence. Compared to last year's edition, the number of participants increased, with 35 attendees, and the new venue made a significant difference, with its welcoming and robust atmosphere giving our event an edge! 

Special thanks to our sponsors, myMeta and Sitecore! Without them this event wouldn't be possible!


Here are the event highlights:


Welcome Session

  • Pedro Caria, Senior Sales Director at Noesis, kicked off the event, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and experience exchange for industry advancement.

Keynote: The Future of Customer Experience

  • Rodolfo Pereira, Enterprise Solutions Director, discussed how artificial intelligence encompasses various technologies that simulate human intelligence, highlighting how generative AI resources can enhance customer satisfaction and promote personalized experiences.


Roundtable: CX + AI

Moderated by João Martins, Data Analytics & AI Senior Manager at Noesis, the panel included:

  • Filomena Pereira, Customer Value Management Senior Manager at Vodafone
  • Jaime Chaves, Associate SAP Application Lead at EDP
  • Abel Aguiar, Executive Director and Board Member at Microsoft
  • Rafael Calero Martínez, Project Manager at Fundae

The discussion focused on strategies applied across different sectors to retain customers through personalized services, using AI at various customer journey stages.


Keynote Sitecore: The Art of Possible: Sitecore & GenAI

  • Ricardo Magalhães, Senior Manager of Enterprise Solutions at Noesis, spoke about the revolution generative AI brings to technology, primarily through its integration into Sitecore's Composable DXP, providing unprecedented flexibility and innovation.


Keynote: myMeta: How to unlock ROI from your digital transformation projects 

  • Andrea Rubei, co-founder and CEO of myMeta, discussed unlocking the ROI of digital transformation projects, highlighting strategies to ensure success and the importance of Digital Adoption tools to maximize technology investments.


Closing and Networking

  • The event concluded with a networking session, allowing participants to interact with experts and learn about the latest technologies and solutions in customer experience.


Some comments from our partners: "It was a pleasure to participate in the #executivebrunch organized by Noesis today at Casa de Desenho. Thank you, the Noesis team, for raising awareness about the #digitaladoption opportunities that organizations in Portugal can leverage to accelerate the ROI of their #digitaltransformation projects." Andrea Rubei, Co-founder & CEO of myMeta. 


The most common feedback from other participants was the excellent organization of the event, the venue, the guest speakers, and the communication!


See some of the event highlights:


We can't wait for the next edition!