38th Edition, October 2022

iNoesis is Noesis' corporate magazine that gathers the most relevant topics in the sector.  
Digital Trust: collecting, storing and using digital information without compromising it. It's a priority for clients and a huge challenge for organisations. And because we discuss the big topics in technology, this is the main theme of this issue. 
In the central article of the magazine, we share relevant content and indicators, prepared by IDC and testimonials from important organisations, from different sectors of activity, such as Altice Portugal, Grupo Maisfarmácia, Lusitania Seguros and IP TELECOM. 

 Want to know more about topics such as Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence, Process Mining and many others? 

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Trust! The Digital Key to Digital Acceleration 

In this edition's editorial, Alexandre Rosa, Noesis' CEO, reflects on the magazine's cover theme: "Resilience is one of the watchwords in the period and context we are going through. It has entered the lexicon of managers and organizations. In the technology sector, the definition of resilience takes on another dimension."

"As far as Noesis is concerned, after the year of 2020, where we absorbed the impact of Pandemic and consolidated our integration in Altia Group, we look to the future with an optimistic perspective and with the forecast of strengthening our operation."

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Digital Trust at the heart of Organisations' Strategy  

To reinforce the relevance of the main theme of this edition, Nelson Pereira, CTO at Noesis, reflects on how Digital Trust appears vital for companies after eras such as Digital Transformation and Digital Resilience. 

An increasingly synchronized performance of organizations is necessary to reduce the risk of destructive attacks. Discover the pivotal points to strengthen the security system of your business.  

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Millennium BCP Invests in Quality Engineering

Millennium BCP was looking for a quantitative analysis of the quality and productivity of its products and services. Therefore, Noesis emerged as a natural partner due to the "recognition Noesis has in the market as an expert in this type of service", says the Director of Architecture & Transformation and Data & Insights.

Find out the testing strategy used by our experts and how the implemented solutions scaled the user experience in the applications of one of the largest private banks in Portugal. 

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NAOS Closer to its Customers 

Under the pretext of making the Marketing Decision a Reality, NAOS - producer and seller of BIODERMA products - felt the need to aggregate information in a simplified and automated way. For a greater focus on information analysis and definition of new strategies and to take advantage of new business opportunities.
Learn how Noesis solved this need by integrating and monitoring a Loyalty Management tool, which, according to NAOS' Digital Manager, "...now allows a better focus, proximity, and attention to customers and has become one of the most effective tools for analysis".

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Vopak Embraces Digital Transformation 

Although with 400 years of history, VOPAK - a Dutch multinational company of storage of chemicals, oil, gases, and biocombustibles, among others - sought to renew its ERP, more specifically, something capable of transforming the management process of all its logistics terminals.  

Due to its fast and flexible implementation, OutSystems was the chosen technology for the new journey through a partnership with Noesis, which has the largest group of specialists in Portugal. 

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Mobi.E: More and Better Control of Data 

- responsible for managing and monitoring the electric mobility network - registered the need for a data analysis that would allow it to have a broader and more autonomous view, which could mirror internally and externally the evolution of the network.  
Thus, by implementing a tailored solution, the sustainable mobility company obtained data and information that allow more efficient analysis. "Noesis is the people who work there, and they show to have a deep knowledge and problem-solving capacity", reinforces the President of Mobi.E, regarding the work done by Noesis. 

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